少儿科创:完全机械手册机械工作原理 How Machines Work(英文版高清)

How Machines Work
  Produced by Cream Productions for Discovery Channel Canada, Discovery Science US, Discovery International. International Distribution: Cineflix International.
  How Machines Work is a wicked trip inside, under, over and through the guts of ordinary – and extraordinary machines from our daily lives. Photo-real computer animation takes us where no camera crew can fit, or even survive. Entertaining commentary untangles complex design and engineering for all ages, while having fun along the way. Fly, flood, speed, spin, crush, cut, push, pull, tick, and tock. From a handheld tattoo machine to a coal-crushing power plant, an escalator, a machine gun, and a bomb robot. Fifty-two machines in 13 action-packed episodes make all of us experts on How Machines.

Discovery Channel – Machines: How they Work Series 1 (2016)

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the machines you use every day? How does an escalator haul hundreds of people up a slope as steep as Mount Fuji? How can a simple shopping cart carry a load six times its own weight? How does a car wash scrub dirty vehicles clean without leaving a scratch? Using CGI animation, Machines: How They Work dives deep inside ordinary machines to reveal their extraordinary inner workings. You’ll never look at a shopping cart the same way
Each episode of Machines: How They Work explores the secret workings of three different machines of all shapes and sizes; from parking meters and coffee machines to 3D printers and padlocks. Immersive footage shot inside the factories where these objects are built and tested, reveals their ingenious mechanics alongside the larger than life characters who design and construct them.

Part 1: Chainsaws, Jukeboxes, and Fishing Reels
How does a chainsaw, a jukebox, and a fishing reel really work? Hundreds of moving parts work together to give a chainsaw its precision and power. Take an up close tour of the different components to see how a chainsaw functions. The secret to a jukebox’s retro sound is the shape of the machine’s cabinet. There are 141 tiny components squished into a fishing reel. Take a journey into the aluminum alloy frame to see what they all do.

Part 2: Car Washes, Blenders, and Bicycle Pumps
How does a carwash, a blender, and a bicycle pump really work? A car wash has more than 1,000 working components. See what they do from the inside.

Part 3: Escalators, Leaf Blowers, and Tape Measures
How does an escalator, a leaf blower, and a tape measure really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings. Escalators have 10,000 moving parts, over 150 stairs, and tough steel cages that can handle the weight of 30 armored tanks.

Part 4: Safes, Tennis Ball Launchers, and Music Boxes
How does a safe, a tennis ball launcher, and a music box really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings.
A safe’s lock has 1.2 million possible combinations to choose from. Good luck cracking that code!

Part 5: Mechanical Watches, Toilets, and Yoyos
10 steel balls roll between the inner and outer rings within a yoyo’s shell. They work together to cut down friction, allowing the yoyo to keep spinning at the bottom of the string for over 10 minutes.

Part 6: Ticket Barriers, Refrigerators, and Electric Guitars
More than 200 precision built parts, fine nickel wire, and a handcrafted wood body give this electric guitar its trademark sound.

Part 7: Paintball Guns, Floor Scrubbers, and Ice Machines
How a paintball gun, a floor scrubber, and an ice machine really work. Paintball guns have a gas canister that is 100 times more pressurized than a car tire! This allows paintballs to be shot over 300 feet and at 180 mph.

Part 8: Pool Tables, Gas-Fired Boilers, and Shopping Carts
How a pool table, a gas-fired boiler, and a shopping cart work. In a pool table’s 30 year life span, it can rack up half a million games. What’s underneath the green felt that keeps this game playable?

Part 9: Pianos, Vending Machines, and Rappels
The vending machine can decipher coins with pinpoint accuracy. Light sensors measure the size while electromagnets detect the metal type of the coin.
Beneath a grand piano’s sleek exterior, more that 12,000 components fit together inside 17 layers of hard maple wood. 243 tightly wound strings exert 22 tons of tension on the cast iron frame.

Part 10: Car Winches, Coffee Machines and Hiking Boots
A hiking boot has 28 robust parts. Beneath the tough leather exterior, a membrane allows sweat to escape while keeping rain out. Two shock absorbing layers cushion impacts.

Part 11: ATMs, Vacuum Cleaners, and Skateboards
Two secure vaults that can hold up to 3,000 dollars and hi-tech sensors are what keep ATMs super safe. A complex system of rollers and conveyor belts lets the bills roll though the machine.

Part 12: Lawn Mowers, Pinball Machines, and Padlocks
One engine powers both the blade and the wheels in order to make the lawn mower as efficient and easy to use as possible.

Part 13: Car Jacks, Movie Projectors, and Leatherman’s
At the heart of the projector, a precision prism splits white light into primary colors. The lights inside this machine are brighter than the headlights on a jumbo jet!
Leatherman: Under a steel frame, 17 different tools can deploy with a simple flick. Safety tabs lock each unique piece into place.

Part 14: Grass Trimmers, Sprinklers, and Movie Lenses
How does a grass trimmer, a sprinkler, and a movie lens really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings.
Video camera lenses are the perfect combo of modern technology and old fashioned craftsmanship. 8 overlapping stainless steel pieces control the amount of light that is let into the camera.

Part 15: 3-D Printers, Cross Trainers, and Kitchen Mixers
How does a 3-D printer, a cross trainer, and a kitchen mixer really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings.

Part 16: Treadmills, Turntables, and BBQ Grills
240 precision built parts and two interlocking zinc alloy spinning platters work in unison to play crisp tunes. The stylus sits on an arm that vibrates a copper coil that helps generate an electrical current to power the mini amplifier.
A treadmill’s belt glides around two twenty-six pound steel rollers. Rubber bumpers act as shock absorbents as the feet pound down on the belt.

Part 17: Outboard Motors, Pneumatic Drills, and Retractable Pens
How does an outboard motor, a pneumatic drill, and a retractable pen really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings.

Part 18: Frozen Yogurt Makers, Turnstiles, and Ergonomic Chairs
How does a frozen yogurt maker, a turnstile, and an ergonomic chair really work? Go inside the incredible machinery behind these everyday objects to see their extraordinary inner workings.







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